Tree Peat

Compresses cardboard while it shreds to facilitate recycling and reduce the waste volume of recycling containers.

  • Cutting Heads Produce Wider Strips of Cardboard to Reduce the Amount of Cutting Required
  • Fits Over a Standard Large Garbage Can to Eliminate the Cardboard's Double-Handling Before Recycling
  • Will Help Aid Large Online Consumer Product Companies to Become a Net Zero Carbon Company
  • Will Provide a Massive Return of Clean, Pre-Shredded Cardboard Direct to the Manufacturers


Patent number: US11458479B2

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Layne T. McKee of Oak Hills, CA has created an innovative new home cardboard shredder.

Perhaps one of the biggest burdens associated with recycling is the amount of space cardboard takes up before it enters the recycling stream. With the popularity of online shopping, cardboard boxes seem to pile up weekly! Even with crushing, folding, and cutting the cardboard, it still occupies a large amount of space. Layne just knew there had to be a better way. As a self-employed diesel mechanic, he understands how mechanical things work and loves to use his hands to build and create. In turn, he was inspired to develop Tree Peat!

The invention works like a paper shredder, only it accommodates large cardboard. The device compresses cardboard while it shreds to facilitate recycling and reduce the waste volume of recycling containers. The cutting heads produce wider strips of cardboard to reduce the amount of cutting required. The device can fit over a standard large garbage can to eliminate the cardboard's double-handling before recycling. The device will even help aid large online consumer product companies to become a net zero carbon company! This product in combination with a consumer incentive program will provide a massive return of clean, pre-shredded cardboard direct to the manufacturers, eliminating the middleman. It will save millions of gallons of water and trees, thus promoting a clean and green image for the company.

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