Travel Cat

A small body catamaran, similar to a pontoon boat, which is easily disassembled for transport.

  • Can Be Transported in Almost Any Vehicle
  • Boat Sides Have a Foam-Filled Fiberglass Pontoon to Prevent Tipping
  • Top Is Made from Sturdy Yet Lightweight Aluminum to Hold the Seats and An Engine
  • No Trailer Necessary
  • No Boat Docking Fees


Utility Patent - 11,358,685

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Randy Lucas of Spanaway, WA has created a small-body catamaran that is easy to disassemble and transport in almost any vehicle - no trailer necessary!

As a 5th wheel owner, Randy felt the frustration of limited space and unfortunately could not pull an extra trailer behind his 5th wheel. For many, transporting and storing a boat can be a real headache. And so, Randy was inspired to develop the Travel Cat!

The invention features two long sides with a foam-filled fiberglass pontoon to prevent tipping. The top is made from sturdy yet lightweight aluminum to hold the seats and an engine. The invention was designed to be strong, unsinkable, and stable enough to be used in rough water. Once on the market, the invention will provide consumers with all the fun and functionality of their own boat without the transportation hassles and boat docking fees.

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