Transparent External Head’s Up Display for Automobile Navigation

Projects digital information at a distant viewing point.

  • Helps Reduce Distracted Driving
  • Provides Real Time Visual Information
  • Transparent External LED Screen
  • Bright Display
  • Easy to Remove and Reapply


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dongjin Kim of Cranberry Township, PA has created a device that helps reduce distracted driving by taking real time visual information and projecting it at a distant viewing point.

With the ever increasing number of cars on the road, injuries and deaths resulting from traffic accidents are an all too common occurrence. Many are due to distracted driving, primarily from using a cellular phone. Nowadays, many drivers use a GPS or GPS navigator on their phone. Unfortunately watching the navigator and the road at the same time can be distracting and dangerous. In turn, Inventor Kim was inspired to create the Transparent External Heads Up Display for Automobile Navigation!

Users will mount the external transparent LED display inside the drivers side window. They will install the navigator app, type in the address, watch the transparent display, and drive! The screen can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or navigator. Its truly the safest means to get where youre going!

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