Tractor Trailer Shower Unit

A shower unit for the inside of a tractor trailer or recreational vehicle.

  • Shower at Almost Any Location
  • Water is Carried in Holding Tank and Heated by Electric Heater
  • Tank Holds Enough Water for Complete Shower
  • Ideal for Long-Distance Cross-Country Truck Drivers
  • Also Great for Camping and Recreational Vehicles


Utility Patent #10,035,547

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joel Reyes, a truck driver and welder from Dayton, TX has created a shower unit for the inside of a tractor trailer or recreational vehicle.

There are countless tractor trailer trucks that crisscross our country every day. While these tractor-trailer rigs provide their drivers with some conveniences like sleeping quarters, one item that is typically not available is the luxury of a hot shower. Truck drivers must rely on truck stops, hotels, or other locations with conventional showers. Unfortunately, these facilities are not always available when needed. Drivers may have to go several days without a shower which compromises their hygiene and perhaps even their health as well! As a truck driver himself, Inventor Reyes knows what its like for truck stops to be full or the feeling of being too tired to even seek out a shower. In turn, he was inspired to create the Tractor Trailer Shower Unit!

This clever new invention lets users shower at almost any location! Water is carried in a holding tank and heated by an electric heater. The tank holds enough water for a complete shower. The invention is ideal for long-distance cross-country truck drivers. Its also great for camping and recreational vehicles. To learn more or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities - act now!


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