Tracker for Firearm

A simple and effective way to restrict the unauthorized use of weapons.

  • - Notifies User When a Firearm is Touched by an Unauthorized Individual
  • - Triggers an Alarm and Distress Signal
  • - Tracks Weapon
  • - Controlled via Bluetooth®
  • - Smart Phone Compatible


Utility Patent - 11,543,202

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Andrew C. Williams of Austin, TX has created a simple and effective way to restrict the unauthorized use of weapons.

Sadly, accidental and mass shootings are becoming more common. Though we can take precautions to make sure a firearm is kept in a safe place, there are certain situations when it could wind up in the hands of the wrong person, or even a child. Once it is found, there is no way to turn off access to your firearm, so what happens is no longer in your control. Andrew just knew there had to be a way to deter a person from accessing a firearm. In turn, he developed the Tracker for Firearm!

The invention works by allowing the owner to control the device from their phone via Bluetooth. When a firearm is touched by an unauthorized individual, an alarm and distress signal are triggered. The owner can then take the necessary steps to secure the weapon, by either going to its location on the tracking device or in more serious cases, calling the authorities.

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