Track Modification for an Automobile

Whatever the road condition, drive it confidently!

  • One-Piece Track System
  • Wraps Around Exterior of Tire
  • Works in Snow, Ice, Sand, or Mud
  • Easily Installed and Removed
  • Strong and Durable


Utility Patent #10,889,339

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert J. Leaveck of Black Canyon City, AZ has created a track system for superior traction in all types of poor driving conditions.

Inclement weather can cause roads and highways to become extremely slippery in a matter of minutes and without warning. As a result, countless people are injured or even killed when they lose control of their vehicles. These same problems occur due to rutted roads, deep sand, or extremely muddy conditions. In turn, Inventor Leaveck was inspired to develop the Track Modification for an Automobile.

This clever new invention is an add-on track system for traction you can trust in snow, ice, sand, or mud. This one-piece system was created to move along with the vehicle; theres no need to reposition it. The invention wraps around a tire and forms a triangle. The bottom of the triangle provides a flat surface for the wheel to roll on. The top of the wheel pulls the track up and over and feeds the track back down to the ground for the wheel to drive onto.

Want to learn more? Contact us NOW for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities! Whatever the road condition, drive it confidently with the Track Modification for an Automobile!


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