Towel Hanger

Tired of finding wet towels on the floor? This is what you have been waiting for!

  • Towel Can Easily Be Retained Between Each Portion of the Magnet or A Clip
  • Keeps Towels Off the Floor
  • Safe and Fun for Kids
  • Various Interchangeable Design Options
  • Each Family Member Can Choose Their Own Design


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Irena Roth of St Louis, MO has created an innovative new towel hanging device thats useful and fun for the whole family!

The idea was born because Irena was tired of finding wet towels on the floor or anywhere other than where they belonged. She just knew there had to be a better way. The Towel Hanger is her solution. Now your towel will be dry and in the right place, and everyone in the family will know whose towel is whose.

But how does it work? Each towel hanging device features a strong and durable wired silicone hook secured to a magnetic clip with fun interchangeable designs. A towel can easily be retained between each portion of the magnet or a clip instead of thrown on the floor. It is suitable for any rack and any towel. The clip may come in a variety of fun shapes and colors. So, each family member can choose a hanger to their liking. Want to change the design? Simply remove the toy from a magnetic clip and put on a new one. Add some color and fun into your life, all the while keeping your towel dry and clean. When it is time to wash your towels in the machine, just remove the hook until it is needed again.

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