Tough Enough Bags

Garbage bags with insecticide.

  • Kills Insects and Roaches
  • Tear-Resistant and Odor-Blocking
  • Flaps for Easy Tying
  • Exterior Handles for Lifting
  • Various Colors and Sizes Possible


Design Patent #D867,160

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Donnet D. Phillips of Plainfield, NJ has developed garbage bags with insecticide to kill roaches and other insects in the home or business.

While visiting a friend, Phillips grabbed a glass from the cabinet and found it filled with bugs. This was startling, being that the friend had a very clean home. She was surprised to learn how difficult it was to control bugs in that area and how insects loved the garbage. She knew there had to be a way to control the issue. In turn, she designed the Tough Enough Bags!

These innovative new biodegradable bags are designed to kill roaches and other insects before they become an issue. Insecticide on the interior of the bag makes this possible. Pleats at the bottom of each bag allow the bags to expand when full. Flaps ensure easy tying and exterior handles make lifting a breeze. The bags are also tear-resistant and odor-blocking. Various colors are possible. Sizes such as extra small for a bathroom, tall for a kitchen, or extra-large construction grade will be available.

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