Touchless Water and Liquid Soap Dispensing Faucet

An innovation in touchless water and soap dispensers for medical centers or public restrooms

  • Touchless Dual Sensor
  • Easily Facilitates Hand Washing
  • Created for Convenience, Infection Control, and Cleanliness
  • Dispenses Predetermined Amount of Water and Soap
  • Streamlined, Space Saving Design


Utility Patent #10,428,498

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sarah Montague, R.N., has worked for nearly a decade at several hospitals and medical centers in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a nurse and nurse manager, she has experienced and witnessed how difficult it can be for busy nurses and other medical staff to wash their hands adequately after each patient visit.

Through her own observation and by talking with colleagues, Montague developed a detailed and precise understanding of the shortcomings of currently available faucet and soap dispensersand a solution, the Touchless Water and Liquid Soap Dispensing Faucet.

There are other hands-free soap and water dispensers on the market. However, by applying her on-the-floor experience and the insights of the facilities and procurement staff at her hospitals, Montague has invented an appliance that can meet hospitals space issues and infection control requirements while providing staff with an effective and convenient hand-washing solution.

    Key Innovations:
  • The water spigot and soap dispenser are controlled by separate sensors so the user is able to control the timing of the water flow and soap dispensing. This ensures the users ability to effectively wash their hands and control the spread of infection while saving valuable resources.
  • This device is intended to be installed in conjunction with a small hydropower generator which would eliminate the need to replace batteries. This ensures the water and soap dispensing will always be available when the user needs them.

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