TLH Overshot Breakout Tool

The TLH Overshot Breakout Tool supports the overshot in an upright position to allow it to be made up and broken out of the fishing assembly.

  • Securely Stores the Overshot
  • Reduces the Possibility of Injury
  • Lessens the Time to Make Up and Break Out
  • Saves Contractors and Clients Money
  • Great Addition to a Fishing Package


Design Patent #D837,272; Utility Patent #10,767,432

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Tressie Lee and Michael John have created a tool for supporting an overshot in an upright position to allow it to be made up and broken out of the fishing assembly.

Being that her husband has worked in the oilfield for over 28 years, Tressie knows well about the difficulty in making up fishing tools and the potential hazards and injuries that can occur when handling these tools. Often with an overshot, trying to get it to stand upright and screw together with the shape of the tool is exceedingly difficult. Michael has said they have tried to screw them together horizontally, but its proven unsuccessful. They have also tried to support it with pieces of wood but thats a precarious balancing act! In turn, they decided to use two tubes with a profiled piece in between to support the overshot and lock it into position to allow make up/breakout of the tools. This idea will also allow the overshot to be stored and transported to and from the rig floor.

This clever new invention securely stores the overshot. It reduces the possibility of injury. It lessens the time needed to make up and break out. The tool will save contractors and clients money. It will be a great addition to a fishing package and can be included in the package with minimal visible increase in the packages cost.

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