Tire Teeter Totter

Now anyone can lift heavy tires with minimum effort!

  • Effortless Lifting of Heavy Tires
  • Works Like a Teeter Totter
  • Does Not Depend Solely on Arm Strength of User
  • Users Can Lift with Hand, Foot, or Knee
  • For Use by Men, Women, or Even Children


Design Patent - D950,183

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor James M. Spears of Little Rock, AR has designed a tire lifting tool that is used like a teeter totter to streamline the process of changing a tire.

After struggling endlessly for many years to lift heavy tires while changing them, James recognized the problem was having to depend on arm strength to repeatedly lift heavy tires into place. He realized it would be more effective to use body weight with a tool that acted as a teeter totter. The knees, hands, and feet could all be used to easily lift the tire while placing it onto the lug. With this idea in mind, James was inspired to develop the Tire Teeter Totter!

The invention is approximately 12 inches long and features a semicircular middle with a handle on one end and a tire tooth on the other. The semicircular middle allows the tool to act as a teeter totter. When a tire is placed on the tooth, that end of the tool is in the downward position. As pressure is applied to the opposite end, the tire is then lifted upward, allowing a user to slide it back onto the lug nuts with ease. Pressure can be applied to the lifting end by the hand, foot, or knee. Now men, women, or even children will be able to lift heavy tires with minimum effort!

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