Tire Rim Protector

The easiest way to keep your car's rims looking their best!

  • Adjustable Shield Covers Rims While Tire Cleaner or Protectant is Applied
  • Fan-Like Design
  • User-Friendly
  • Quickly Expands or Retracts to Fit Any Size Rim
  • Lightweight and Simple to Apply


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bernard C. Hardge of Dania Beach, FL has created an adjustable shield to cover your rims while you apply tire cleaner or protectant, so your rims stay looking their best.

It is easy to ruin your hard work by accidentally over spraying your tire rims while cleaning your car. Not only can cleaner or protectant messily drip all over the rim, but it can also damage the rim's finished surface. Bernard just knew there had to be a way to stop any excess liquid or tire foam from leaking onto the rims. In turn, he developed the Tire Rim Protector!

The invention is an adjustable shield with a fan-like design that quickly expands or retracts to fit any size rim. It was designed to be lightweight and easy to hold in one hand while spraying with the other. This will be a must-have for the aftermarket industry!

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