Tightrope Cable Jig

A cutting and stripping tool for enabling cable connections.

  • Ensures Quick, Accurate Cutting
  • Step One Strips the Outer Jacket
  • Steps Two and Three Strip the Inner Jacket
  • No Measuring Required
  • Particularly Great for the Installation of Lava Cable Tightrope Connectors™


Utility Patent #10,511,155

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Danny Brannan of Saraland, AL has created a cutting and stripping tool for enabling cable connections.

One area in need of a specialized tool pertains to the preparation of cable used with solderless connectors. These connectors are often used in the music industry for connecting musical instruments, effects pedals, amplifiers, and microphones. Having personally used Tightrope guitar cables, Brannan knew that assembling the cables was always a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Even though he is mechanically inclined, he was still having a less than 50% success rate with them. Brannan just knew there had to be a better way to prep the cable for assembly. In turn, he created the Tightrope Cable Jig!

This clever new invention will automatically provide the correct dimensions and tolerances to ensure proper electrical connection with no measuring required. Step one strips the outer jacket. Steps two and three strip the inner jacket. Step four cuts the inner conductor to length. Now, quick and accurate preparation of cable for use with solderless connectors has never been easier!

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