Tight Strip

Quick and accurate wire stripping inside or outside of an electrical box!

  • Quick-Accurate Method of Stripping Wire Insulation
  • Wire Hook Bending Feature
  • Socket Incorporated into Handle for Driver of Choice
  • Works Great in Confined Spaces Commonly Occurring in Rewiring or Remodeling
  • Wire Length Measuring Graduations Incorporated into Ergonomic Handle



Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Donald A. Buss of Macungie, PA has created a tool for quick and accurate wire stripping inside or outside of an electrical box.

As a handyman, Donald was always looking for a better way of doing things. The idea was born while replacing duplex receptacles in smaller electrical boxes. He had to cut back the existing wires to put on new ends and found it difficult because there wasnt a lot of room to strip back the conductors. With traditional wire strippers, it is hard if not impossible to get the cutters into the box when working with shorter wires in remodeling applications. He just knew there had to be a better way to strip a wire. In turn, he went to work building a simple prototype. Not only did it work in the tight confinement of retrofitting, but he also found it ideal for new wiring applications. Now, the Tight Strip has been further developed and is ready for market!

During use, a user simply holds the tool in one hand while sliding the proper size cutter slot over a piece of insulated wire at the point where the insulation should be removed. Then, with a slight twist and pull, the insulation jacket can be easily detached. Most notably, the tool can fit into small electrical boxes to strip wire near the back of the box, if needed. It can also be used for new wire applications.

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