The Wonder Grill

This trailer-based food grilling system combats the struggles of transporting your grill to a cookout.

  • Large Mobile Trailer Mounted Grill
  • Upper and Lower Racks Pull Out and Turn, So Food Can Be Tended Without Reaching Directly into the Grill
  • Moveable Racks for Easy Cleaning
  • May Also Feature a Smoker, An Oven, and A Sprinkler System
  • Can Be Towed Directly to Large Outdoor Events


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Stephen M. Macklin of Oakwood Village, OH has developed a large, trailer-based food grilling system. This innovative new mobile grill can be towed to your next cookout, so you can skip the usual struggle associated with taking a grill on the road.

Cookouts and barbecues are among the most popular warm weather activities for families and friends. However, transporting a grill to the cookout location is far from convenient. In turn, Inventor Stephen Macklin, alongside Sharyn Macklin, were inspired to create and bring The Wonder Grill to market!

But how does it work? The invention is provided with a large utility-style open trailer frame, complete with wheels, hitch, and lights, allowing it to be towed by a vehicle such as an SUV or pickup truck. A smoker-style grill is located on the front part of the frame. The rear of the frame is occupied by a large capsule-shaped grill mounted in a horizontal position. One side of the grill has a horizontal shelf, or work surface, that runs the length of the grill. Two large side-mounted doors, both supported by a remotely operated mechanism, can easily be opened and closed as needed. Upper and lower grill racks pull out and turn, so food can be tended without reaching directly into the grill. The racks are movable to allow for easy cleaning. This mobile grill may also feature a smoker, an oven, and a sprinkler system.

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