The Wedge Phone Stand

Holds smart phones at an angle for easy hands-free viewing!

  • Compact, Lightweight, Portable
  • Holds Device at an Inclined Angle While on A Horizontal Surface
  • Can Be Used with Landscape or Portrait Mode
  • Rubber Backing Prevents Slippage
  • Folds Flat When Not in Use
  • Great for Travel


Design Patent - D1,008,226

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Donna Sherman of Muskego, WI has designed a portable device that holds your smart phone at an adjustable angle for easy hands-free viewing!

While working at a car dealership and bartending, Donna would notice customers resting their phone on a wallet, a purse, a rolled-up jacket, or they would lean it against a pint glass. In the office, her co-workers would often rest their phone against a printer or keyboard to prop it up. None of these options were good ones and could quickly result in a broken or damaged phone. In turn, Donna was inspired to create The Wedge Phone Stand!

The stand stores flat and when needed, it is quickly removed from a pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase. A keychain is included. The stand then snaps open and is used to hold your smart phone in either a landscape or portrait mode. A thin rubber backing keeps your phone from sliding out or toppling over. Developed with convenience in mind, the invention can be used virtually anywhere media is consumed. This makes it great for daily use or travel.

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