The Ultimate Sit Up Machine

Bring normal everyday sit ups up off the floor!

  • Builds and Tones Abs
  • Restrains Feet
  • Uses Weights & Cable and Pulley System
  • Also Works Other Muscles Not Usually Targeted During Conventional Sit Ups
  • Safe and Secure Construction


Utility Patent #10,933,279

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert Sallie of De Pere, WI has created an innovative new fitness product that brings normal everyday sit ups up off the floor.

Sit ups have been a go-to exercise for generations. Many people try to incorporate them into their exercise routines for the health benefits. However, many people also avoid them since they have to lie on the floor, or because they need their feet restrained, which requires another person. Robert just knew there had to be a way to make them more efficient. In turn, he developed the Ultimate Sit Up Machine!

A user will start by sitting on the machine and placing their feet in the secured foot area. Their hands will go behind their head in the usual sit up position. They will then use their upper body to push the back of the seat backward. This will cause the weights to rise from the floor. The user will then slowly bring their upper body forward. This lowers the weights and allows the user to perform a complete sit up. Since the machine uses weights, a user will also be working other core muscles that are usually not targeted during conventional sit ups.

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