The Taco Tool

Eliminates error by keeping a tortilla in a mold while it cooks.

  • - For Flour or Corn Tortillas
  • - Quick and Easy
  • - Straight Handle Protects Hands from Hot Oil
  • - Rubberized Handle Grip for Ease of Use
  • - Dishwasher Safe


Design Patent - D953,125

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Chris Kovich of Vallejo, CA has created an easy-to-use device for frying a single tortilla.

Frying a single tortilla into a crispy homemade taco shell takes some finesse. Also, when frying flour, it can be difficult to keep the tortilla from inflating with air. Chris just knew there had to be a smarter way of going about it. In turn, he was inspired to develop The Taco Tool! This product eliminates user error by keeping the tortilla in a mold while it cooks.

Simply slide a flour or corn tortilla into the wire-frame taco mold and place the mold into hot oil. The tortilla will fry into a crisp taco shell. If frying in a pan, flip the mold to fry both sides to your desired crispness. A 12-inch handle will protect your hands from hot oil, while a rubberized handle grip keeps your hands cool in a secure and comfortable manner. After use, the tool is dishwasher safe for convenience.

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