The Ta Bra

Created by a Former Breast Cancer Patient Because you CAN have just one!

  • Single Cup Bra
  • No Need for a Prosthetic
  • Has Shoulder Straps and Clasps Like Any Other Bra
  • Features a Silicone Band to Keep it From Riding Up
  • Various Colors, Fabrics, and Sizes Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

A former breast cancer patient of Sheridan, WY has created a single cup bra designed for women with mastectomies who do not want to wear a prosthetic.

When women go through breast cancer, they often move past their vanity. Some even wear their scars like badges and a symbol of what they have overcome. In this day and age of "just be who you are, the stigma of one breast should be easy to overcome. In addition, prosthetics are heavy, cumbersome, ill-fitting, and expensive. This product will allow women to continue being beautiful on their own terms!

The Ta Bra is a single cup bra with shoulder straps and clasps like any other bra. Only now, there is no need for a prosthetic! Just like standard bras, the arms go through the shoulder straps and the bra is hooked in the back. The bra also features a silicone band to keep it from riding up. Various colors, fabrics, and sizes are possible.

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