The T & G Tightener

A specially designed tool for installing tongue and groove planks.

  • Holds Planking Tight During Nailing
  • Eliminates Gaps and Other Inconsistencies
  • Allows Warped Planking to Be Straightened Prior to Nailing
  • Results in Higher Quality Work
  • Help From Others Not Needed


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Travis Winscher of Royalton, MN has created a specially designed tool for installing tongue and groove planks.

After his help did not show up one day, Travis knew there had to be a way to get those 14-foot boards on the ceiling himself. It wasn't but 30 minutes and he was down at the welding table with an idea. Before long, he was back at the ceiling putting boards on quickly and finished the project that night without a problem. It did not matter that his help was not there. The tool was all he needed. Now, his T & G Tightener is ready for market!

The invention features an anchor clamp and a clamp that holds a piece of tongue and groove board that will mate securely with the plank being installed. Flipping the handle fits these pieces together, while providing enough leverage to position boards up to 16 feet long to be nailed securely into place. Once that plank is done, it is easy to release and reposition the tool to get the job done efficiently and without assistance.

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