The SunCover

Protects your visor against dirt, dust, fading, scuffs, and more!

  • Protects Against Stains and Brings Life to Your Interior
  • Simply Slides onto Your Visor
  • Pocket for Storing Important Documents
  • Available in a Variety of Patterns
  • Adds Customization to Your Vehicle While Protecting Its Upholstery


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rose A. Hampton of Crestwood, MO has designed a new protective cover for sun visors.

One New Year's Eve in St. Louis, there was a brutal storm that caused damage to Rose's daughter's vehicle. While her car was being fixed, they were given a rental SUV. However, she felt the rental was too big for her daughter to drive. Rose ended up taking the rental and giving her daughter her brand-new car to drive instead. Upon getting her car back, she noticed a long black mark on the sun visor that looked like makeup or a pen. She didnt want to chance smearing whatever was on the visor, so she began to look for a product on the market to cover the mark. Unfortunately, nothing like that was available to purchase. And so, she was inspired to create The SunCover!

The invention protects your visor against dirt, dust, fading, scuffs and much more. It protects against stains and brings life to your interior. The design is compatible with most vehicles without issue. Simply slide it onto your visor! It comes in customizable patterns and even has a pocket where you can store important documents like insurance cards, registrations, or even lottery tickets!

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