The Stabilizer

A new personal electronic device stand.

  • Sets Your Device at The Perfect Angle for Easy Viewing
  • Allows for Hands-Free Operation
  • Attend to Other Tasks While Still Viewing Your Device
  • Great for Use with Phones, Tablets, Books, Cookbooks, and More
  • Simple to Manufacture


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ronald K. Williams has designed a new personal electronic device stand.

The idea was born while sitting around using his tablet, but he also knew he needed to get up and prepare a meal. Ronald began devising a way he could use his tablet while remaining hands-free. In turn, he was inspired to create The Stabilizer!

Simply open the stand on a flat surface and place your tablet or smart phone inside the base. The invention sets your device at the perfect angle for easy viewing as you attend to other tasks. Not just for electronics, the invention can also be used to rest a book or cookbook. Now you will be able to take a call, watch videos, listen to music, read, or follow along with a recipe all while remaining hands-free!

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