The Smackback

A strikable target with interactive sensors and an audio playback system.

  • Perfect Way to Release Aggression
  • More Satisfying Than Traditional Punching Bags
  • Easy to Program
  • Bluetooth® Compatible
  • Personalized Options


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Veronica Cossetto of Lake Peekskill, NY has created a punching bag with an audio playback system for a more satisfying punch.

Many people own a punching bag for exercise or as a way to let out aggression. However, the punching bag that Veronica owned made no noise. She quickly realized there was no gratification in hitting something that did not respond or even grunt. In turn, Veronica was inspired to develop an upgraded punching bag that would make hitting the bag so much more rewarding!

The invention is a strikable target with interactive sensors and a Bluetooth audio playback system. It is easily programmed to whine and be obnoxious. Or it can be personalized to sound just like that person in your life you cannot stand. With The Smackback, consumers will be able to releases anger and frustration in a healthy way and without legal repercussions.

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