The Slider

An innovative new sliding dart shaft.

  • Shortens Overall Length of the Dart for a More Accurate Throw
  • Allows for Tighter Groupings
  • Reduces the Amount of Deflected “Flighted” Darts
  • Can Be Used on Steel Tip or Soft Tip Darts
  • Beginner to Professional


Utility Patent #10,591,261

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Matthew Scott Gustafson of Portage, IN has created an innovative new sliding dart shaft!

As a darts enthusiast for over 25 years, Matthew has steadily been improving his game with the goal of achieving pro status. In the past, he noticed how many games he was losing due to deflected flighted darts. Once he lost a tournament and was out almost $200. It was all very frustrating, and so, he began thinking of ways he could lessen the deflection. He knew if he went with a shorter shaft, he would lose his accuracy, since longer shafts are better for the stability of the dart. With these things in mind, he was inspired to develop The Slider!

The Slider features a sliding dart shaft that can be used with steel or soft tip darts. When the tip of the dart contacts the dartboard, the forward momentum of the dart forces the shaft forward toward the tip. This will shorten the overall length of the dart and allow a more accurate throw for tighter groupings. This also decreases the amount of deflected flighted darts. The forward momentum of the shaft will also aid in penetration of the tip into the board causing less bounce outs. The shaft can then be re-positioned after play by simply pulling the shaft back opposite the tip. Now dart players, from beginners to professionals, can improve their game!

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