The Rose Bow

If you can tie your shoes, you can use the Rose Bow!

  • Innovative Bow Tying Tool
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Quick and Easy
  • Professional Results
  • Must-Have for Craft Stores and Anywhere Cards, Wrapping Paper, Bows, and Ribbon are Sold


Utility Patent #10,934,643

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rose Ann Dobek of Macomb Township, Michigan has created an innovative new bow tying tool. Now crafters can make a professional looking bow on their own with ease!

The bow maker was first created as a way to make canning jars look pretty. The ribbon was the added touch that was needed when presenting her jellies. After all, nothing accentuates an item or a present quite like a ribbon bow. However, tying a perfect bow for packages or other dcor purposes does not come easily for most people. It requires practice and some just never get the hang of it. Rose Ann knew there had to be an easier way. In turn, she was inspired to develop the Rose Bow!Now the process of tying bows has been streamlined and the end result looks very professional, despite being homemade. Even for those who do not consider themselves to be crafty, they will be able to easily make the bow without touching the bow, while ensuring the ribbons stay in place.

The Rose Bow can accommodate both the streamer that ties the bow together and ties to a package and the formation of the bow with the rubber band in the middle, creating the bow. By securing the rubber band with the front button it will be secure and one will be able to perform the entire process in just one step! The rubber band can be purchased from a variety of colors. The rubber band can be placed around the jars or gift boxes. This is another way the device and be utilized, making the Rose Bow a very crafty tool to have on hand!

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