The Respire Mask

Child-friendly respirator face masks.

  • - Superior Protection Against Poor Air Quality
  • - Features Universal Filter Cartridges
  • - Adjustable for the Perfect Fit
  • - Comfortable for Kids
  • - Bunny and Robot Versions


Design Patent - D995,755 & D1,006,216

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Lorin Kaywood of Shoreline, WA has designed child-friendly respirator face masks.

During moderate wildfires in the Northwest region, air quality was deemed hazardous and it was recommended for people to avoid prolonged exposure to the outdoors. Lorin spent the entire day trying to find a mask that would fit his nine-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, he was unable to find a single thing that would provide an adequate level of protection. All available masks were too large and meant for adults. After searching online, he was only able to find paper or fabric masks for children that could be ordered. Lorin used silicone masks with replaceable cartridges at work and wanted to be able to provide his daughter with the same level of protection. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Respire Mask!

The invention features universal filter cartridges that provide protection against poor air quality. An adjustable head strap connector and Velcro neck straps create a comfortable fit that stays securely in place as the child moves their head around. Bunny and robot versions make the masks fun and appealing for kids. Other versions are possible.

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