The Reel Stringer

Installing new fishing line onto a reel has never been easier!

  • Speeds Entire Installation Process
  • Maintains Proper Tensioning on Line As It Is Installed
  • Prevents Line from Becoming Twisted
  • Reduces Wasted Fishing Line
  • Strong and Durable


Utility Patent - 11,627,733

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Floyd D. Shepherd of Lebanon, TN has created an improved fishing reel stringer device.

Floyd has been a fisherman for years. Looking back, he laughs at how he would stumble through getting fishing line on reels. He would have someone hold the spool of line so he could reel it on, or he would hold new string between his legs only to have it slip out and roll across the driveway when he started cranking the reel. The list was long! Floyd just knew there had to be a better way. One day, as he looked around for something to use, he noticed a small stack of wood in the corner and a light came on. MAKE A REEL STRINGER! And so, he did. Now, the Reel Stringer has been further developed and is ready for market!

The invention is provided in a box style format. The rear surface of the box provides for a spring tension holder that holds a reel of fishing line from a manufacturer. The fishing line is routed through two eye hooks to contain the line and ensure proper tensioning. The other end of the box is provided with a universal holder that holds the crank fishing reel. The line is then routed onto the reel in a conventional manner. Then, the crank on the fishing reel is simple cranked in a continuous manner until the reel is filled. The invention allows the reel to spin, but does not impart a twist to the line.

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