The Pump Defender

An innovative new sump pump filtration unit.

  • Maximizes the Effectiveness of Your Sump Pump
  • Prevents Clogging and Costly Pump Replacement
  • Will Not Impact Operation of Sump Pump
  • Can Be Used in Trenches, Excavations, Basements, Crawl Spaces
  • Great for Garages, Shops, Maintenance Buildings, Emergency Services Buildings, Public Works Departments, and More


Design Patent #D903,047

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark J. Reeves of Old Saybrook, CT has created an innovative new sump pump filtration unit.

After a severe drainage issue on a property he owns, Reeves needed to find a way to keep a sump pump from clogging with sand and debris. He saw a milk crate in his shop and an idea took shape. He modified the crate by adding a filter screening to keep the pump clear. This worked perfectly under difficult conditions! When it needed a little attention, he could simply rinse it off with a hose to restore it back to full operation. This initial prototype was the first step in what is now the The Pump Defender!

The invention takes the form of a heavy-duty plastic frame enclosure with mesh sides, a mesh bottom, and a hinged lid. Users will simply open the lid, put a sump pump in, and feed its cords and discharge pipe through the lid. The invention can then be placed in trenches, excavations, basements, crawl spaces, or virtually any type of below ground hole where water collects. Not only will the device prevent clogging, it will protect the integrity of your sump pump, helping it last for many years to come.

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