The Power Pivot

Bring confidence to your golf game!

  • No Over Rotation in Back Swing
  • Accurate Chipping and Putting
  • Well Planned and Executed Shots
  • Can Be Used for Left or Right-Hand Players
  • Collapsible and Easy to Store


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Wayne Snyder has created a golf training aid that teaches you to keep your legs and stance firmly planted so your swing is consistent and straight.

Most swing flaws start with a bad pivot. After all, the pivot is the engine of the golf swing. At first, Wayne had a bad hook and slice and could not chip, as his backward/forward sway was out of control. His ball would go everywhere except where he wanted it to go! While taking lessons with a local golf pro, Wayne mentioned he tinkered and created things on his own, so the pro suggested making something to prevent the sway. Wayne then developed The Power Pivot!

The invention will help you rotate into your right or left depending on your golf hand and create proper resistance and coil. When done correctly, a proper pivot will be distinctively felt in the top of the right buttocks for right-handed golfers or the top of the left buttocks for left-handed golfers. The outcome will be EFFORTLESS POWER! When training with the Power Pivot, it can be used with or without a golf club, inside (without a club) and outside with your club of choice. When getting the feel for the invention, it is best to dry swing without a club. This dry swing will prepare you for club use.

Since using The Power Pivot, Waynes game has improved remarkably and his slice is a thing of the past. Now, you can rid yourself of bad habits too! Ready to learn more? Act now!


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