The Portable Window

Provides the viewing experience of an exterior window!

  • Full Color Video Monitor
  • Provides Appearance of Window via Electronic Display
  • Real Time Scenery from Outside Any Dwelling, Home or Office
  • Promotes Relaxation and Improves Morale
  • Ideal for Interior Rooms, Offices, Basements, Condos


Design Patents #D750,147, #D785,583

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Derrik L. Muller of Burien, WA has created an electronic display and camera system that provides the appearance, benefits, and ambiance of a window for rooms without one.

Just about everyone will agree that a window with a view is highly desired. In fact, the feeling of openness is beneficial for your mood. On the other hand, rooms without windows can feel dark, dismal, and even claustrophobic. Not every room in a house or office is able to have a window though. To solve this problem, Inventor Muller was inspired to create The Portable Window!

At first glance, it will look like a conventional window, however, the window is actually a flat screen digital monitor. This full color video monitor will provide the viewing experience of an exterior window. The monitor receives its signal from a camera, located on the exterior of the home or building. Real-time scenery can now be received by the monitor and projected inside. This will be a must-have for windowless rooms like small offices, basements, or condos! The portable window is easy to move and both camera and monitor view the outdoors in real-time. The camera runs on rechargeable lithium batteries and the feed is recordable with a port for a DVR. It could also be used by a busy parent in the kitchen, monitoring children in another room while they are cooking. The applications are endless!

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