The Pony Tailor

A fun place for kids and adults to store hair elastics!

  • Wall Mounted
  • No Tangles, Knots, or Mess
  • Various Sizes
  • Infinite Color Possibilities
  • Simple to Manufacture


Design Patent #D868,378

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert Hatchell of Londonderry, NH has designed a fun, efficient, and discreet place to store hair ties for convenience!

After finding hair elastics in just about every place imaginable in his home and vehicles, Hatchell knew there had to be a way to organize them. The inspiration came after looking at one of his dogs bone-shaped treats. He realized the shape would be perfect for holding hair elastics! With that idea in mind, he developed the Pony Tailor!

This clever new invention is simply mounted onto a wall next to a mirror, or wherever you might be getting ready. It can even be mounted in your car. This designated spot of your choosing means the Pony Tailor wont get lost or scattered right along with the hair ties! To use, simply stretch a hair elastic over the left or right side of the device and let go. No matter how many you add, they wont fall off. You will also be able to grab any hair elastic you like and pull it off with ease, without it getting tangled in the others! Various colors and sizes will be available. A miniature version for travel is possible.

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