The Newdle

More fun, less space!

  • Offers All the Fun of a Basic Noodle
  • Only Uses About 20% of the Space
  • Much Easier to Carry and Store
  • Still Provides a Sturdy Flotation Aid
  • Simple To Expand and Compress As Needed


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John Winslow of Fort Myers, FL has created a new space-saving solution to bulky pool noodles.

A love for boating and beach trips with his family led John to the creation of The Newdle! Tired of the sight of old noodles crowding the front compartment of his boat and overtaking the large box on his pool deck, John was inspired to seek a solution. The necessity of these noodles for their family outings was undeniable, but so was the inconvenience they posed. Driven by this predicament, John invented The Newdle, a compact and practical alternative to traditional pool noodles, revolutionizing the way families enjoy their water adventures!

But how does it work? Simply pull the one-way air valve open on the end, put your foot through the bottom strap, pull up on the top strap, and the inner structure causes The Newdle to self-inflate. Replace the cap and enjoy! When the fun is done, pull the valve out, compress to storage size, and replace the valve. The Newdle stays small because no air can enter it. This makes it much easier to carry and store, whether at the beach, pool, or on the boat!

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