The NateGate

The solution to limited pickup bed space!

  • Extendable Modular Tailgate with Internal Slide System
  • Extends To Accommodate Longer or Taller Loads
  • Multiple Slide Accessories Available for Swap, Replacement, or Weight Reduction
  • Available in Aluminum or Steel
  • NateGate Available with Mesh or Solid Metal Skins
  • Turn Your Short Bed into a Long Bed Pickup


Utility Patent - 11,628,892

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Nathan Fisher of Deary, Idaho created an extendable replacement tailgate for pickup trucks. The NateGate is stronger and more versatile than stock tailgates. It is built to be used and abused by contractors, quad riders, farmers, and anyone else who uses their truck like a truck!

Nathan's two teenage daughters sparked his first inspiration to design the NateGate. Both girls enjoyed riding four-wheelers, and he wanted them to have the freedom to haul out and ride with ease. The problem was and still is, a standard pickup bed and tailgate are too short to accommodate two ATVs. Trailers are inconvenient, and the practice of standing one four-wheeler on end to make them both fit in a pickup bed is both tricky and dangerous. Around the same time that he was considering solutions, Nathan broke (yet another) weak stock tailgate and was on the hunt for a replacement. These events caused him to create a simple and convenient solution: an extendable heavy-duty tailgate. No more busted tailgates. No messing with a trailer and the inevitable challenges of expired tabs, corroded wiring, burned out lightbulbs, bad brakes, and tight parking spaces. No more risk in standing up a four-wheeler on end and having its fuel leak over the engine and into the truck bed. With the NateGate, ATV riding for two is a simple matter of load and go. And now, his invention has been further developed and is ready for market!

The NateGate is an extendable modular tailgate. It features an internal slide that extends out and pins securely into place, giving the NateGate its unique ability to support longer or taller loads. This will be ideal for hauling appliances, furniture, and long construction materials. The slide is fully removable, allowing for replacement, weight reduction, or swap with our other accessories. The toolbox and ramp accessories are now available. It is available in aluminum or steel and can be produced with a mesh or solid metal skin.

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