The Nail Placer

An innovative new tool for driving nails into tight spots.

  • - Strong and Durable
  • - Safe to Use
  • - Various Lengths Available
  • - Fits in Tool Belt or Pocket
  • - Saves Time and Money


Utility Patent #10,960,523

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor and licensed Red Seal carpenter, Barry Connors of Canada has created an innovative new tool for home or big commercial carpentry jobs, especially those where you must drive nails into tight spots.

There is perhaps no more useful tool than the hammer and nail. However, a fair amount of access is required around the nail driving point for a hammer to swing. As such, they cannot be used in tight locations that have access restrictions, not only around the nail itself, but above the nail to allow the hammer to swing. In some cases, pneumatic nail guns may not have access room either, forcing the worker to approach the construction problem from a completely different manner. This often requires additional time and labor. Barry just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he developed the Nail Placer!

During use, a nail is loaded inside of the tube from the opposite end and the invention is placed up against the surface to be nailed. A magnetic barrel on the end will help hold the nail in place. The rod is then hit with a hammer repeatedly until the nail is fully seated, and the invention is removed. This allows nails of various sizes to be driven into tight or confined locations that could never be nailed in a conventional manner. With this tool, there will be no more bent nails because the shaft holds them in place. The invention was created with a hand guard, so you do not hit your hands or fingers. The tool is strong and durable and will save time and money. It will easily fit in a tool belt or pocket. Not just for use on the worksite, the invention will be perfect for do-it-yourselfers at home, too.

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