The Mirror Buddy

A new wiper attachment for the side-view mirror of a commercial vehicle.

  • Keeps Mirrors Dry, Clear, and Clean
  • Greatly Enhances Visibility
  • Solar Energy Power Source
  • Controlled Via Wireless Remote
  • Easy to Install and Remove


Utility Patent - 11,702,009

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Lavada Hunter of Mesquite, TX has created a wiper attachment for the side-view mirror of a commercial vehicle.

When starting out as a semi-truck driver in 2015, Lavada was instructed to constantly scan her side mirrors every 5-8 seconds to watch for other drivers and cars. These mirrors are a drivers eyeballs. It is the only way to see all around the truck. However, when it rains, snows, or other inclement weather is happening, the mirrors become useless.

Imagine if your windshield wipers did not work on your car. Could you continue to drive? No way, you would not be able to see. This is how every commercial driver feels when it rains and Lavada did, too. Even after a storm, a driver will sometimes need to pull over to dry their mirrors or remove big water spots left behind. She just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, Lavada was inspired to develop the Mirror Buddy!

The invention is a wiper blade assembly that is in electrical communication with a solar energy power source and is controlled via a wireless remote. The attachment is easy to install and remove. No need to alter the current mirrors. With the invention in place, commercial drivers will now be able to continue on safely down the road without struggling to see or having to pull over.

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