The Mesh Monster

A tool that aids in the correct placement of wire mesh during the installation of concrete floors.

  • Lifts Reinforcing Mesh
  • Rides on Two Large Pneumatic Tires
  • Ergonomic Grip Handle
  • Helps Reduce Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Similar to a Hand Truck


Design Patent #D749,814

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Charles Hurren of Caseville, MI has created a tool that aids in the correct placement of wire mesh during the installation of concrete floors.

The use of reinforced concrete has revolutionized the construction industry by providing superior structural and load bearing characteristics while minimizing material costs. Reinforcing wire mesh is used to increase the strength, resiliency, and integrity of the concrete. However, for the reinforcing mesh to perform properly, it must be in the upper one third of the concrete floor structure. This is typically performed by a worker grabbing the mesh with a hooked pole and lifting it upward. However, a task like this quickly becomes tiring and can result in a wide range of ergonomic injuries, ranging from simple blisters to sore arm muscles and injured backs. As a contractor, Hurren knew there had to be another way. In turn, he developed the Mesh Monster!

The invention consists of a steel frame mounted upon two large pneumatic tires with a hook assembly mounted upon four angle braces. A user will simply roll it to the necessary position where the hook can grab the embedded wire mesh in unfinished concrete. Once attached, the user will press down on the long handle, lifting the wire mesh into place through the wet concrete. The invention handle has been provided with ergonomic hand grips allowing for long periods of comfortable use.

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