The Lookout Box

A pipe with a viewing glass. Now youll always be able to tell how much is in the chamber!

  • No Surprises
  • Always Know When to Refill
  • Also Includes Chamber for a One Hitter Pipe
  • Durable and Stylish
  • Easy to Carry


Design Patent #D870,960

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kevin Luxton of Rochelle, IL has designed a pipe with a viewing glass, so youll always know how much is in the chamber.

Luxton would often leave home thinking he had plenty of contents in the chamber box of his pipe. However, when he went to use it, there wasnt as much in there as he thought. The only way to check was to look down from the top. That can be deceiving though and very frustrating. In turn, Luxton developed The Lookout Box!

Simply add your contents through the top of the invention. Located on the side of the box is the viewing glass. Now youll know exactly when to refill! The box also features a chamber for a one hitter pipe. In addition to being convenient, users will find this product to be durable, stylish, and easy to carry.

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