The Lazy Dog Bone Holder

An innovative new bone holding device.

  • Makes Bone Chewing More Enjoyable for a Dog
  • Keeps Stress and Pressure Off a Dog’s Joints
  • Holds Any Bone
  • Size Adjustable
  • Ideal for Use by Older Dogs or Dogs with Injured or Disabled Front Legs


Utility Patent #10,925,258

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joni Sue Noaeill of Dodge Center, MN has created an innovative new bone holding device.

After trying numerous sizes and varieties of bones for her teething 6-month-old golden retriever, Noaeill realized it wasnt simply a matter of preference. Her dog was just having a difficult time chewing on certain bones. As she watched her struggle on the floor, trying to hold the bone in between her front paws, she noticed the stress on the dogs front shoulder joints and back hip joints. If she held the bone for her, however, she was able to maneuver the back molars of her teeth better and obtain a better angle. Thats when she realized there should be a product for this.

Inventor Noaeills Lazy Dog Bone Holder features an adjustable gripping mechanism that clamps securely around a bone. A pair of adjustable support arms extend outward to accommodate all dogs, from the smallest puppy to the largest adult dog. With the invention in place, a dog can now easily chew its bone, instead of awkwardly trying to hold it within their crossed front paws. While ideal for all dogs, this will be especially helpful for older dogs, or those with injured or disabled front legs.

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