The Last One

Cook and steam everything you need at once!

  • Four Part Cooking Vessel
  • Used for Cooking and Steaming
  • Can Be Used Singularly or Stacked
  • Reduces Cleanup
  • Ideal for Tailgate Parties, Clam Bakes, Neighborhood Get-Togethers, and More


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Teresa Bernard and Ervin M. Bernard of Grenada, MS have designed a 4-part cooking container for cooking and steaming everything you need at once!

The doctor always talks about eating healthy and steamed food is thought to be the best food to eat. While cookware exists for steaming, this cookware is usually smaller in size. This forces the cooking process to be repeated many times to accommodate the quantity needed as well as all the different types of food. Plus, when cooking for large outdoor gatherings, bringing a dozen different pots and pans is far from convenient. Teresa and Ervin just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, they were inspired to create The Last One!

Each part of the system stacks onto a 12-inch wide and 12-inch tall stainless steel base. This will be perfect for cooking chili, gumbo, or large amounts of food. The 2nd and 3rd components are designed for steaming food. Attach them to the main pot and the heat rises, steaming the food inside. This will be ideal for cooking things like potatoes, onions, and sausages in the bottom, while steaming crab legs, crawfish, and shrimp on top. The secret is the "V-shaped upper rim" design that makes a seal between the components and allows for more thorough cooking. The system also reduces cleanup after the meal.

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