The Keeman

Keeping everything easy!

  • Hook and Wrap Design
  • Lines and Hooks Won’t Tangle
  • Saves Time and Reduces Frustration
  • Prevents Injuries
  • Great for the On-the-Go Fisherman


Design Patent #D825,712

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Timothy M. Nelson of Blythewood, SC has created a product that will keep a rod with the hook already on the fishing line from entangling with other items so you can quickly reach your fishing location.

Picture this scenario: You are going fishing with your friends and you hear the fish are really biting at your favorite spot. You throw your fishing poles in the back of your truck along with your cooler and tackle box. As youre driving in, you see a man pulling out a nice size fish. Your friends are already throwing their poles in the water so you hurry and get your equipment. When you grab your poles though, they are all tangled up. The hooks are wrapped around your lines and you get stuck several times while trying to untangle them. All the while, your friends are getting bites! As an avid fisherman, Inventor Nelson has experienced this and knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he created The Keeman!

This clever new invention features a hook and wrap design. Now lines and hooks wont tangle. This will save time, reduce frustration, and prevent injuries. It will be great for the on-the-go fisherman!

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