The Invisibles

Say goodbye to the plain white sanitary pads of the past!

  • Gives Pads a Whole New Look
  • Available in Camo Print of Various Colors
  • Peel and Stick Surface to Keep Them Comfortably in Place with Wings
  • Different Levels of Protection
  • Feel Good Alternative to Plain Pads


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Ricky Showalter and Dawn Whitt of Broadway, VA have designed new camo print sanitary pads.

Although sanitary pads have worked well for decades, they havent changed much in design. They are plain white and rather boring for consumers to buy year after year. As a single dad with a teenage daughter, Ricky and Dawn love the outdoors. Camo print is a big thing in their house. That inspired them to think beyond plain white pads and design a whole new camo look.

The Invisibles have the same peel and stick surface as traditional pads to keep them comfortably in place with wings. However, now camo print of various colors will be available. Various levels of protection are possible.

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