The Hawk

Eliminate the threat of head injury.

  • - Constructed with an Innovative Double-Walled Outer Shell
  • - Walls Encase a Network of Micro-Springs that Collapse at a G-Force of 70 or Greater
  • - Infused with “Thickwid”
  • - Will Dissipate Virtually 100% of Impact Energy
  • - Benefits ANY type of Head Protection Besides Football Helmets like Cycling, Batting Helmets, Motorcycle Helmets, and More


Utility Patent - 11,484,083

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael W. Hawkins of Wilmington, OH has created an innovative new helmet that will dissipate virtually 100% of impact energy before it ever reaches an athletes head.

Despite today's helmets, players still sustain concussions regularly, which jeopardizes their health in both the short and long term. Concussions occur at a g-force of 95, when a blunt force hits the head and causes the brain to push against the skull. Just like collapsible walls in NASCAR, Michael conceived the idea for a sports helmet with the same concept. With all the concern over concussions in sports and having had at least seven concussions himself, Michael made it his goal to give athletes the absolute best in helmets.

The Hawk is a helmet constructed with an innovative double-walled outer shell. The two walls encase a network of micro-springs that collapse at a g-force of 70 or greater. The helmet is also infused with thickwid a dry, but liquid-like compound specially designed for impact-force absorption. When struck with a g-force of 70, which is well short of concussion g-force, the micro-springs and thickwid will dissipate virtually 100% of the impact energy before it ever reaches the athletes head. This technology will benefit ANY type of head protection outside of the game of football as well!

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