The Fresh Seat

Removes odor before it even has a chance to leave the toilet bowl!

  • Smells Get Vacuumed into Seat
  • Quickly Eliminates All Toilet Odors
  • Prevents Airborne Bacteria
  • Improves the Smell of Bathrooms
  • Great for Home Bathrooms and Public Restrooms


Utility Patent - 11,166,606

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Douglas M. Suiter of Hudson, WI has created a way to remove odor before it even has a chance to leave the toilet bowl!

The battle to keep bathrooms and public restrooms smelling fresh is an everlasting one. Many turn to air freshening sprays, but that is only a temporary fix. An exhaust fan or ceiling fan will clear the smell out of a bathroom eventually, but it takes time. Douglas just knew there had to be a better way to control bathroom odor before the next person is knocked out. In turn, he developed the Fresh Seat!

Any odor in a toilet bowl can now be vacuumed into the seat itself before the smell has a chance to permeate through the room. An odor will pass through a pair of removable activated filters and then through a scent pack, before exiting out the back of the seat, freshly scented. Not only will the invention get rid of odor, it will also prevent airborne bacteria from spreading to bathroom surfaces. That will be another huge benefit for home bathrooms and public restrooms alike.

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