The Edd

An electronic distraction device.

  • Safe, Non-Lethal Alternative to Flashbangs
  • No Risk of Burns or Fires
  • Uses Visual and Audible Over-Stimulation to Subdue and/or Deter
  • 360-Degree Coverage
  • Provides Law Enforcement and Military Personnel with a Tactical Advantage
  • Could Also Be Used as a Signaling Device for Civilians When in Danger


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ryan P. Connolly of Flemington, NJ has developed an electronic distraction device.

As a third-generation police officer with experience in various high-risk scenarios, Ryan has a strong dedication to protecting others from danger. Motivated by this commitment, he devised an invention to replace the obsolete and risky explosive flashbang.

But how does it work? The Edd offers a safer, non-lethal alternative to flashbangs - with no risk of burns or fires. It uses visual and audible over-stimulation to subdue and/or deter a criminal element, providing law enforcement and military personnel with a tactical advantage.

During use, the invention would be armed and thrown into a dark location where offenders may be hiding. The resulting bright light and loud sound would startle and visually disorientate anyone inside, allowing personnel to take action without the risk of fatal injuries or property damage. With 360-degree coverage, it works no matter how it lands and can even penetrate glass barriers. And unlike traditional stun grenades, its nondestructive nature makes it legal for civilian use. It could also be used as a signaling device for civilians when in danger.

The Edd is now ready for market! Want to learn more? Be the first to contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!

Additional Information

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