The Easy Empty Dry Rack

The smarter way to dry.

  • Multi Level Mesh Rack
  • Easy to Load
  • Unzips for Quick Empty
  • Saves Time
  • Buds Won’t Get Beat Up


Utility Patent # 10,327,389

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jared Brownscombe of Upper Lake, CA has created a multi-level hanging rack for drying buds. Its the smarter way to dry!

With other drying racks, there is concern over buds sticking to the mesh material and therefore requiring vigorous handling to transfer all the material out, especially material that becomes trapped near the edges and corners. One must remember the material inside is brittle and is easily broken during a transferring process like this. But now theres the Easy Empty Dry Rack!Users will simply hang this multi-level rack from the ceiling and fill it with buds. They will point a fan toward the rack and when the buds dry, it will be incredibly easy to collect them. This product is different from anything on the market because each mesh platform can be unzipped so the dried buds will easily drop into a bucket. Users will repeat the process with each shelf, from the bottom to the top. Not only will they have more space between each shelf to load the buds, the rack ensures that the buds wont get beat up during the process.

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