The Easy Bulb

The light bulb anyone can change!

  • Allows Lamp to Be Pushed In and Pulled Out Rather Than Screwed In and Out
  • No Help Required
  • Can Be Changed by Virtually Anyone
  • No Cuts, Burns, or Electrical Shock
  • Method Still Utilizes Edison-Style Sockets


Utility Patent #10,868,400

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Shirley Brannon of Martinsburg, WV has created a clip for a light bulb, so now everyone will be able to remove light bulbs from a socket without issue.

It is not uncommon for a light bulb to break from over tightening, or to stop working because it is not tightened enough. Those with dexterity problems will find it even more challenging. In turn, Inventor Brannon was inspired to create the Easy Bulb!

This clever new invention allows a light bulb to be pushed in and pulled out, rather than screwed in and out. This prevents overtightening and broken bulbs. It also eliminates the chance of cuts, burns, or electrical shock. Best of all, virtually anyone will now be able to change a light bulb even those with arthritis or limited mobility. The method still utilizes Edison-style sockets so there is no need to change your entire lighting system, just the bulb!

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