The Dynograph

A motorized camera tripod which interfaces to an attached phone or video camera to allow for hands-free subject tracking.

  • Unmanned Pan, Tilt, and Rotations While Recording
  • Smooth Motion Flow
  • Professional Results
  • Spend Less Time Editing
  • Must-Have for YouTube Videos, Presentations, and Home Video Usage


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rohan D. Taylor of Newark, NJ has created a motion sensor device that fits to a camera tripod and enables a smooth and uninterrupted flow while video recording.

The idea was born while recording video and video chatting on his phone. It was very inconvenient and painstaking to be holding his phone for extended periods of time. Rohan just knew there had to be a better solution. After all, these days, we are video chatting and recording video more than ever before. In turn, he developed the Dynograph!

Now a centered object can be captured without the jerks and bumps that normally occur while using conventional tripod video-taping methods. As you move about the frame, the invention automatically adjusts the position of the camera for you. This movement is fluid and steady, yielding professional results, so you can spend less time editing or trying to find someone to record your video for you. It will be a must-have for YouTube videos, presentations, and home video usage.

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