The Doo Drop

A whimsical new hands-free receptacle for disposing dog waste.

  • - Foot Peddle so Hands Stay Clean
  • - Lined Inner Receptacle
  • - Lid with Tight Seal to Mask Odors
  • - Easy to Transport
  • - Various Sizes Possible


Design Patent #D783,217

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robin Muir of Buffalo, NY has created a whimsical new hands-free receptacle for disposing dog waste.

Robin would often look out the window and see dog owners walking by holding bags of dog waste. One day, she decided to do them a favor. She found a bucket and in marker wrote Doo Drop on it and added some whimsical paw prints. She then punched holes in the bottom and placed it on a stand in front of her tree, next to the sidewalk. The dog walkers loved it and would thank her personally and even place gift cards in her doorway. Soon her house became known as the Doo Drop House. Thats when she knew she was onto something. Now, The Doo Drop has been developed further and is ready for market!

This is the perfect spot for pitching a waste bag when you come home from walking your dog. The receptacle is fire hydrant-shaped and can be placed in your yard or near an entrance door. To use, you will step on the foot pedal and toss the bag into the lined receptacle. The lid will then seal tight, keeping odors in, which is a relief for all and a necessity for those living in a condo or apartment complex. When the bag is full, it is simply tied up and placed in a trash bin. How easy! The receptacle is also able to be transported when traveling with your dog. Various sizes are possible.

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