The Container

Worried about the security of your cargo whether you are shipping or storing? Worry no more. The Container is made from heavy-gauge steel along with a supplemental locking device of your own design. Providing increased physical protection for your Conex cargo container in a manner which is not only quick, it's easy, effective, safe, and most importantly secure.

  • NO DRILLING- No drilling necessary to install The Container locking bar
  • EASY INSTALL- Quick and easy to install and remove from a Conex cargo container
  • Prevention- Use locks of your choosing to lock and secure door to further prevent access'
  • Increases security of your shipping container
  • Covers all the locking bars on the doors
  • Visual deterrent
  • Utilizes all locking points on container


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Growing up, my family and I had always had a passion for the outdoors. Involved in the Scouting program. Working on the ranch. Growing our vending business. We grew up with an appreciation for problem solving in tough situations.

Learning life skills through Scouting led me to love and appreciate the skill set for industrial professions. My mother and father were a great inspiration and drive to my success as I worked to achieve my Eagle rank.

Being able to work with your hands and develop creative concepts that would serve a useful purpose was always my goal set. Not only was I able to use this skill set in Scouting, I was able to apply everything I learned to help improve my familys ranch.

There is never an end to improvements that you can achieve on a ranch. Creating and finding new ways to help improve your day-to-day task is always a great achievement. I always found metal work beautiful and fascinating and knew it would be a great asset to Valley Hill 7 Ranch.

Valley Hill 7 Ranch is my Grandads love and passion. There is not a day that goes by where he is not putting his hopes and dreams into what the ranch can grow to be for his family. This drive really leads his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren to always do better. Inspiring us always to help the ranch where neededwhether that is fixing a patch in the fence, rounding up cattle, or patching the roof on the barn. We are always learning and expanding our skill set to best serve our future endeavors.

When we were not at the Ranch, we were working our family business. Started by my Grandad back in the 1970s. Vending grew to be engrained in my familys life. From my Grandad to my mother, older sister, and younger brothers there was not a day that we were not running the family businessfrom route work, repairs, and deliveries. I grew to develop an interest in the mechanics of how things worked. Fueled by wanting to help my family succeed and not relying on a third party to facilitate repairs. I grew to love and appreciate doing things for myself. The need we had on the farm and in vending with metal was great. Which led me to an interest in welding.

So, when I met with my welding instructor in high school I was sold.

In 2018, I was working for a company that used Conex cargo containers on a day-to-day basis. The company had numerous break-ins and needed a solution to better protect their inventory. The locks on the shipping containers were never enough. No matter what type of lock or how many were placed on the Conex cargo container, vandals always succeeded. I realized then and there had to be a better system to add more security. I envisioned a locking system that would secure the handlebars on the shipping containers. That was where The Container came in. After several crude modelsI was finally able to settle on the final design.

The Container has become a great solution to any security needs for a Conex cargo container. Contact us today for more information for your cargo container needs.


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