The Complete Face Shield

An unmatched level of protection beyond conventional face shields!

  • Covers ALL Entry Points on the Head and Face
  • Made of Clear Plastic
  • Prevents Droplets in Air from Contacting Any Body Openings on the Head
  • Foam Band Across the Forehead Prohibits the Entry of Droplets and Adds Comfort
  • Still Allows for Easy Breathing


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Erica S. Benton of Fort Myers, FL has created an innovative new face shield that covers ALL entry points on the head and face for an unmatched level of protection beyond standard face shields.

Being over the age of 50 with co-morbidity issues, Erica desired a better way of protecting herself against the COVID-19 virus. She began researching and started experimenting with glass jars. She placed a mask on one jar and a regular shield (with non-ear coverage) on another. She then took a spray bottle with colored water and stood two feet away and sprayed the jars. The jar with the shield provided full coverage of the shielded area. The jar with the mask, however, only protected the covered area AND some droplets got through the mask! Since COVID-19 affects the upper respiratory system, Erica knew it was also important for the ears to be covered, as they are another entry point for infection. With this idea in mind, she was inspired to develop the Complete Face Shield!

The invention covers all four entry portals on the face: the ears/eyes/nose/mouth. It features a form fitting plastic shield that covers the face from above the eyebrow area to below the chin line and neck. Side-to-side coverage completely safeguards the ears as well. Wearers will note a foam band across the forehead that not only provides comfort, but also prohibits the entry of droplets in the air to further block the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Should the wearer tilt their head down, a full coverage barrier is formed at the bottom of the shield against their chest, while still allowing for easy breathing.

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